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The beauty of laminate and LVP flooring is in its versatility, and our expert installation services ensure that you experience this versatility at its best. Once you’ve selected your ideal flooring, trust us to take care of the rest. Our installation process is thorough and precise, designed to bring out the best in your flooring while ensuring it stands up to everyday challenges.

We consider every aspect, from the underlying surface to the finishing touches, delivering a result that combines beauty, durability, and affordability. When it comes to Laminate and LVP flooring, our workmanship takes your investment to the next level.

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“From the first time I reached out to after the completion of my project, Ben was always so responsive, more so than any other contractor I’ve ever used. Kyle arrived on time every morning, worked so hard all day long, and never left for the day without cleaning up.

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Laminate / LVP Elegance

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Big Changes, Simple Process

Big Changes, Simple Process

Experience a seamless flooring transformation in just three steps: From a comprehensive Discovery Call tailored to your needs to an insightful on-site consultation, followed by a meticulous installation by our expert team.

We've streamlined the process to make your flooring journey smooth, efficient, and satisfying.

Contact and Discuss

1. Contact & discuss

  • Submit your project details and photos via our booking form.
  • Schedule a Discovery Call to outline timelines, costs, and material options. A tentative project date can be set based on availability.
On-site Consultation

2. On-site consultation

  • Arrange an on-site visit to assess the scope of work and take necessary measurements for your chosen flooring type.
  • This phase is crucial for ensuring all project details align with your vision and the technical requirements of the installation.

3. Installation

  • Your installation will be executed as per schedule, culminating in a final inspection to ensure everything meets your satisfaction.
  • Upon completion, we’ll settle the remaining balance, and you can enjoy your new space!

What to Expect: Approximate Investment Ranges*

Single Room
Common Areas


Typically includes living room, kitchen, dining room and hallways.

Whole Home

*Please note that the above figures are approximate investment ranges intended for informational purposes only. Prices can vary based on project specifics, materials, and other factors. To get an accurate and personalized quote, please contact us for an on-site consultation.

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What is laminate flooring and how is it different from other flooring options?

Laminate flooring is a versatile, multi-layered synthetic product that is often designed to resemble natural materials like wood or stone. It’s known for its durability and can offer a similar aesthetic appeal as other flooring options, but at a potentially more accessible price point. Unlike vinyl flooring or engineered hardwood, laminate has a distinct construction that makes it especially resistant to everyday wear and tear.

How do your laminate flooring services work?

Our laminate flooring installation service begins with a consultation to understand your needs and preferences. Once you’ve chosen the desired laminate floors, our experienced flooring installers handle the laminate floor installation with precision and care. Every step, from preparing the base to adding finishing touches, is meticulously carried out to ensure longevity and aesthetics of your new laminate floors.

Can I install laminate flooring myself or should I hire professional laminate floor installers?

While some homeowners opt to install laminate flooring on their own, hiring professional installers for laminate flooring ensures that the process is done right, efficiently, and with minimal waste. Our team of laminate floor installers brings expertise and the right tools to handle any challenges that might arise during the laminate flooring installation.

How long will my new laminate flooring last?

With proper care, laminate floors can last for many years. Their durability is one of the reasons many homeowners choose laminate flooring. It’s important to follow maintenance guidelines, like using protective pads under furniture, to maximize the lifespan of your laminate floor.

Is it possible to lay laminate flooring over my existing floor?

In many scenarios, it’s feasible to install laminate flooring over an existing floor. However, our flooring installers will evaluate the condition of your current floor to determine the best approach. Surfaces like old carpets will likely need removal before the new floor installation.

Can laminate floors handle heavy foot traffic?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of choosing laminate flooring is its resilience to wear, especially in areas of heavy foot traffic. Whether you’re considering it for a living room or a commercial space, laminate provides a durable solution that retains its beauty over time.

How do laminate floors compare to engineered hardwood or tiles?

While laminate floors and engineered hardwood both simulate the appearance of natural wood, they have different constructions. Engineered hardwood contains a real wood veneer, whereas laminate flooring uses a photographic layer to achieve its look. On the other hand, tiles are typically made of ceramic or porcelain and have a completely different feel and appearance.

Do you also offer services for other flooring types?

Yes, besides laminate flooring, we have expertise in vinyl flooring, engineered hardwood, and various flooring types. Whether you’re considering tiles for your bathroom or hardwood for your living room, we’re here to cater to all your flooring needs.

What should I consider when choosing new laminate flooring for my home?

When considering new laminate flooring, think about the room’s purpose, the amount of foot traffic it will receive, your aesthetic preferences, and any potential moisture exposure. We offer a variety of laminate flooring options and designs to fit every home’s unique requirements.

I have heavy furniture. Do I need to move it before the floor installation?

For a smooth laminate floor installation, it’s recommended to clear the room of furniture. If you need assistance with furniture moving, please let us know, and we can discuss arrangements to ensure a seamless installation process.
Remember, our team is here to guide you through every step, from selecting the right laminate to completing the installation. Feel free to reach out for any flooring projects or questions you might have!